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The Recovery Rental Service

The Recovery Lounge now offers equipment rentals for events our private use. 

Please contact Dennis for more information


Tub/Chiller & Sauna Rental

Why not have a Cold Plunge Tub at your next event?  Let The Recovery Lounge supply a mobile sauna, cold plunge tub & 1HP motorized chiller.  Water and electric access required.  Rental Setup starting at $500/day with multi-day discount available.

Cold Plunge Your Way

Cold Plunge in the privacy of your own home with a tub and 1HP Chiller setup from The Recovery Lounge.  Setup can be placed in house, garage or outside. Water and electric access required. Please contact us for a quote - 3 day rental minimum.


Tub & Sauna Rental Services

Providing Everything You Need For Home or Events

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